Rental management at Coco Beach

Starting in 2020, under the supervision of the Coco Beach site manager (Gary Wilson), Coco Beach will offer a professional rental management service to our clients.

Rental management- what is included?

  • Collection of rental fees of clients including fees for usage of electricity and water;
  • Drafting tenancy agreements taking all your individual needs into account, and which take into account Panamanian Law;
  • Reception of the guests at the Coco Beach front desk, handing over and explanation of the information package with rental rules and regulations and handing over the keys to their rental villa. Also we will arrange a short villa tour explaining usage of electricity and appliances, gabarage disposal, usage of amenities etc;
  • Tenant selection and screening in case of long-term rentals;
  • Regular cleaning services in case of longterm rental (> 4 weeks); cleaning services will be paid by the tenant;
  • Administrative duties such as obtaining signed tenant agreements and checking and registration of identification documents, bonds, insurance;
  • Property inspection before and after each rental, including photo’s of the property before and after each client visit to be send to you, the villa owner;
  • Arranging cleaning services after each rental and garbage disposal; the fees are included in the rental agreement to clients; cleaning will be mandatory;
  • Obtaining a rental bond and dealing with the proper management of repairs and financial compensation by the renter or insurance company;
  • Regular maintenance issues (labor costs and material cost for repairs excluded)
  • Providing property insurance if required, the cost of the insurance is not included;
  • Local and international marketing services;
  • Air BnB registration and management (at an additional fee)
  • Customer feedback registration.
  • Security 24/7.

All in all, our rental management program is aimed at hassle-free income generation and protection of your income and the quality of your villa.

Expected rental income 2020 onwards

For a standard two bedroom villa we expect net rental income during the folowing years to be the following basis a 50% average rental availability:

2020$ 5000 / Year
2021$ 8000 / Year
2022$ 8000 / Year
2023$ 8000 / Year
2024$ 8000 / Year

Please note that rental income is dependant on many factors such as competiton, quality of the rental property, number of bedrooms, services offered and rental management fees.

Rental management fees will be zero for 2020 and between 25 and 35% for subsequent years. The above number are net rental income, i.e. net income to you.

In general rental rates for property in Panama are higher if the property is rented in gated communities with amenities and within communities with security (although the security situation is not a problem, see the section on security in our FAQ section). Also rental rates are higher for properties with airconditioning close to the beach.

Ok, so how do you justify expected rental income?

In order to arrive at a annual rental revenue of $ 8000 in 2021 and beyond we have used the following assumptions:

  • 50% rental availability rate, which means that your villa is available for rental
    purposes during 182 nights per year. However, the occupancy rate is in our view
    about 55% which coincides with the current occupancy rates in hotels in Panama City
    and David;
  • This means that we will generate an income for you during 182 * 50%= 91 nights;
  • The rental management program will cost 25%, so the nightly rate will be
    88 $/night net or including rental management fee 117 $ per night to the client,
    excluding cleaning fees and excluding extra fees for variable costs such as electricity.

So the real question is:

  • Is a nightly rate of on average 117$ per night for a villa on the beach high or low?

Justification of the nightly rate assumption of 117 $ for an oceanview villa

Intuitively we know the answer to the above question already, a nightly rate of 117 $ per night basis occupancy of 55% is cheap for a design (4-person or more ) villa near the beach on a guarded community with amenities and a pool. But we don’t want to rely on intuition, so hereby we provide you with some data which proves our assumption. data as per 17-1-2019 for a 2-person room, not a villa !!

Arrival Chiriquí Panama: 20-1-2019
Departure Chiriquí Panama: 23-1-2019
3 nights

# hotels resorts price range

$/night# Resorts/hotels
> 2281

# hotels resorts beachfront

$/night# Resorts/hotels
> 2285

Other comparative data can be found on the websites of:

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask, we will answer them as quickly as reasonably possible. We realize rental income might be a decisive factor for you, so we take rental income very seriously.

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