Lot 37 sold

Lot 37 has been sold this month as well to an American.
Lot size: 1.125m2 / 12110 sq.ft.

More Updates

Official delivery of lots has started!

Finally the authorities have given their approval to start the official lot delivery on phase 1 of Coco Beach. Many of the 40 clients who already purchased a lot have been waiting in anticipation of this moment and we are very happy to be able to hand over the ownership

Lot 51 sold

Lot 51 is situated in the middle of our masterplan, it was recently sold to one of our newest clients from the United States. This lot is sized 1.178m2/12777 sq.ft. and within only a 1-minute walk from the beach!

Lot 36 sold

Lot 36, one of the last 1-minute walk beach lots was sold this month to a client from Canada. From the second floor lot 36 will overlook the Pacific Ocean. Lot size: 1.086m2 / 11690 sq.ft.

Change of government & sidewalk construction update

A different governmental party was elected in Panama last May. Currently the government in Panama is changing from the old government to the new. This is also happening on a municipality level. One of the negative effects we are experiencing from the change of officials within the municipality is the

Construction developments: sidewalks and internet tower

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been constructing a couple of new additions to the community. The public road towards the community was damaged by rain, we improved the road at our own cost to make sure the community stays very easily accessible.  The internet receiving tower, which will

Lot 15 sold

Lot 15 is situated on the left side of our masterplan, it was recently sold to one of our newest clients from England. This lot is sized 1.444m2/15543 sq.ft. and only a 2-minute walk from the beach.


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