Lot 106 sold

Lot 106 is a beachfront lot is phase 2, directly overlooking the sandy beach filled with palm trees and the pacific ocean. This lot was sold in combination with a custom designed Wave villa to a Spanish. Lot size: 1,655m2 / 17814 sq.ft.

More Updates

Lot 15 sold

Lot 15 is situated on the left side of our masterplan, it was recently sold to one of our newest clients from England. This lot is sized 1.444m2/15543 sq.ft. and only a 2-minute walk from the beach.

Lot 10 sold

Lot 10, being on the left side of our Phase 1 Masterplan map, was recently sold to one of our newest clients from the United States. This lot is sized 1.345m2/14478 sq.ft.

Another two weeks at Coco Beach !

For the past couple of weeks we’ve had huge activity considering new sales. We’ve had 6 new clients come up and they now have the possibility to purchase one of our natural beach properties. Coco Beach is on a roll, so if you’re interested in our lots then be sure

Customized Villa Breeze Type 1 construction update

Construction of the beach club has started

The Beach Club phase 1 will feature a bar and restaurant. From the elevated terrace you will be overlooking the palm tree beach and the pacific ocean. Lounge sofas and beds are available on the terrace as well as outdoor showers and a beautiful panorama pool will be added in

Lot 37 sold

Lot 37 has been sold this month as well to an American.Lot size: 1.125m2 / 12110 sq.ft.


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