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Change of government & sidewalk construction update

A different governmental party was elected in Panama last May. Currently the government in Panama is changing from the old government to the new. This is also happening on a municipality level. One of the negative effects we are experiencing from the change of officials within the municipality is the lack of necessary construction checks by officials for us to continue to the next stage of construction for the beach club and entrance of Coco Beach. We expect the delay for the beach club and entrance to be between one and three months. Luckily the construction of walkways and sidewalks in Coco Beach is not affected by the change of government and municipality. Therefore walkway construction is on schedule and making rapid progress as can be seen in the photos on this page. Currently around 7000 meters (4.4 miles) of sidewalk is being constructed. Also the planning process relating to the construction of additional houses for the existing lot owners will not be affected by the government changes.

You can always contact us directly for more information and details of the progress taking place in and around the Coco Beach community.

More Updates

The construction of the Beach Club and panorama pool is almost finished

As can be seen in the photos below the large open spaced roof structure, existing out of natural wood and LEED certified artificial palm leaves, is being finished. Under the roof structure you’ll find a restaurant, sanitary facilities, a bar and a large elevated terrace from which you will be

Lot 12 sold

Lot 12 is situated on the left side of our masterplan, it was recently sold to one of our newest clients from The United States. This lot is sized 1359m2/14628.15 sq.ft. and only a 2-minute walk from the beach.

Lot 2 sold

Lot 2 is positioned on the left of Phase 1 on our Masterplan right next to the sports court, community garden, park & playground. This lot was recently sold to one of our newest clients from the United States. Lot 2 is sized 1.236m2/13313 sq.ft.

Lot 55 sold

Lot 55 is situated in the middle of Coco Beach, it was recently sold to clients from the United States. This lot is sized 1.169 m2 / 12583 sq.ft.

Lot 23 sold

Lot 23 was sold this month to an American client. This lot is a stunning large beachfront lot. Lot size: 2.152 m2 / 23164 sq.ft.

Lot 34 sold

Lot 34 was one of the last 1-minute walk beach lots available in Phase 1. It was sold to one of our clients from Canada. This lot is sized 1.206 m2 / 12981 sq.ft.


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