Amenities within 10 minutes

Coco Beach is located near Puerto Armuelles, a one-hour drive away from the second largest city of Panama, David.

Although leaving Coco Beach won’t be easy, you might choose to go for a dinner in one of the local restaurants in the nearby town of Puerto Armuelles. Only 10 minutes away you’ll find everything you can possibly need.

If you can’t find the right groceries in the Coco Beach deli, there are several large and modern grocery stores to choose from in Puerto Armuelles. Romero’s is one of the largest and has a lot of international and most North American brands.

Nice restaurants to have lunch or dinner in Puerto Armuelles are:

Heavenly’s Restaurant
Las Juanas
Don Carlos
Restaurante Enrique
Restaurant Marieth
Pizza Piola
Restaurante Hermanas Busto
Restaurante Luz

Besides you can grab a cold local or cold cerveza at one of the bars on the oceanfront or watch sports in the Tisa Mar or Ojo De Agua sports bar. You can even visit an old fashioned barber shop that still uses a straight edge razor or an authentic tailor for local handmade clothes.

Or you can just take a stroll on the boardwalk in while enjoying the sea views and cool off with a Raspado (shave ice) In Malecón Park.

Furthermore Puerto Armuelles offers a brand new hospital, banks, hardware stores, car repair shops, police station, fire department and more.