Sitio Barriles

Sitio Barriles is an enthralling archeological site located in the Highlands Region, Chiriqui, about 6 kilometers from Downtown Volcan. Sitio Barriles accommodates beautiful theme gardens, adventurous trails, and the fascinating archeological petroglyphs. During the last 100 years, archaeological pieces have been discovered that try to unveil the mystery of the ancestral civilizations that populated the area. 
Sitio Barriles​

The barriles culture is dated between 300 and 600 a.C and is considered a pre-columbian culture of high archaeological value. However, their first findings date back to 1947, according to data collected by former residents of the area; the native constantly made new findings.

The site was originally named for several small stone barrels found in the area, it is outstanding that these archeological artifacts have also been found in the Río Chiriquí Viejo and in Costa Rica.

The Landau-Hauxes family protects the archeological site and it is possible to experience and see the pieces of pottery and stone. 


In Sitio Barriles many findings had been discovered. As for example, the variety of figures carved in stone, metates, statues of caciques, petroglyphs and engravings in stones. One of the most famous rocks, reveals a map that shows the crater of the Barú Volcano and extends to Punta Burica, as well as lines that identify the past human settlements. There is is also a mysterious rock that only while pouring water on the top  will show the language they used to communicate. 

Other pieces such as tripods (pottery) and tables (stone) are found in the open-air museum, on land owned by the Landau-Haux family, who have become the guardians of this impressive cultural treasure.

Sitio Barriles is an open door to the past, a place in the highlands of Volcán,where, during the last 100 years, archaeological pieces have been discovered that try to uncover the mystery of the ancient civilizations that populated the slopes of the Barú Volcano. Come and enjoy this exciting place. The cost is of $5.00 per person and the tour takes around 40 minutes. The tour guide will also provide you with local delicacies if you stay until the end. 

This exciting place is waiting for you to be part of the historical and cultural legacy that Barriles. For additional information, please e-mail [email protected] or call 580-8008, 592-5397 or 639-5188



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