Raquel’s Ark Animal Refuge

Raquel’s Ark provides a safe refuge to animals throughout Chiriquí.  It is located in the highlands, in Volcan. The sanctuary was established 11 years ago, its main objective is to create a small safe environment to preserve exotic animals.
Raquel’s Ark Animal Refuge​

Upon arrival at the site you will find a small house with the name written on the outside. Raquel, the owner, will receive you with a warm welcome. At the beginning of the tour, you will find two sloths, which you may hold and feed. This experience is unique, the sloths are friendly and love to be fed almonds.

Walking through the hallways of the property, you will find the monkeys. In Raquel’s Ark, you will find spider monkeys, howler monkeys, and white face monkeys. It is possible to enter their homes and enjoy a memorable time with them.  Aside from monkeys, you will also find a weasel, Coatis, a raccoon and a fascinating jaguar.

If you are planning to visit Chiriqui, Raquel’s ark is a must! The ark runs thanks to the donations made by the visitors. Raquel is the one in charge of protecting the animals, she is passionate and focused on preserving these beautiful creatures.

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