Planned Amenities

Coco Beach offers various amenities within the project.

Beach Club

The Beach Club phase 1 will feature a bar and restaurant. From the elevated terrace you will be overlooking the palm tree beach and the pacific ocean. Lounge sofas and beds are available on the terrace as well as outdoor showers and a beautiful panorama pool will be added in phase 2 (2020). The beach club has been designed to use as much locally produced, natural and organic materials as possible. The natural materials of the Beach Club also make it blend in with its direct surroundings: the sandy beach, palm trees and the pacific ocean.

19-10-07 - Beach Club - render-08
Beach Club Impression

Pool design:

Pool depth / heightTotal 1,50 m: 75 cm above terrain, 75 cm in ground.Total 5 ft: 2,5 ft above terrain, 2,5 ft cm in ground.
Pool width:Main pool 15m wide, 15,60 exterior width.Main pool 49 ft wide, 51 ft exterior width.
Pool length:Main pool 7m long, 8,60 exterior length.Main pool 23 ft long, 28 ft exterior length.
Pool areaTotal pool area: 89,7 m2 (including edges and jacuzzi)Total pool area: 966 sqft (including edges and jacuzzi)
– Pool shallow area ( up to -0,35 m dept)28,82 m2310 sqft
– Pool stairs area (-0,525 – -1,150 m dept)6,22 m267 sqft
– Pool deep area (-1,50 m dept)36,56 m2394 sqft
Jacuzzi sizeDiameter: 2,30 mDiameter: 7,5 ft
 – Jacuzzi area4,14 m245 sqft
Terrace design:
Height75 cm above terrain.2,5 ft above terrain.
Terrace area
– Open area86,1 m2927 sqft
– Roofed area158,81 m21709 sqft
Stairs dimensions30 cm run, 15 cm rise.12 inch run, 6 inch rise.
– Stairs main entrance4 m width: 7,25 m213 ft width: 78 sqft
– Stairs left of pool3,22 m width: 4,27 m210,5 ft width: 46 sqft
– Stairs right of pool3,22 m width: 4,27 m210,5 ft width: 46 sqft
Wheelchair – supply cart slopePositioned at facility building: 1:12 slope 1,20 m width, 9m lenghtPositioned at facility building: 1:12 slope 4 ft width, 29,5 ft lenght
Facility building design:
Facility building area24 m2258 sqft
Facility building width4,8 m16 ft
Facility building length5,0 m16,5 ft
Roofed walkway requirements1,2 m  wide walkway next to building4 ft  wide walkway next to building
Kitchen size2,4 x 4,8 m8 x 16 ft
Kitchen area11,52 m2124 sqft
– Kitchen layoutKitchen in U-layout
– Kitchen occupancy1 – 2 person staff
– Restaurant menuTBD
Bathroom rooms size2,6 x 2,1 m8,5 x 7 ft
– Bathroom area5,46 m259 sqft
– Bathroom room layout1 wc booth and 1 wc enlarged for disabled persons.
Rancho design:
Roof area218,21 m22349 sqft
Roof height4,6 m above terrace, 5,35 m above terrain.15 ft above terrace, 17,5 ft above terrain.
Roof (gutter edge)2,3 m above terrace.7,5 ft m above terrace.
Roof (gutter edge)4,6 m above terrace.15 ft above terrace.
Roof overhang size1 m overhang3,3 ft overhang
Construction method17 pillars supporting roof 30 x 30 cm cross section.


The first and the last building you’ll see when entering and leaving Coco Beach. The entrance has been designed to make a lasting impression. Phase 1 of the entrance will feature a base which is covered with locally sourced stones with large wooden pillars on top, which are rising up on both sides of the road. On these pillars a roof is made from palm tree leaves in combination with a construction of bamboo. In phase 2 (Q1 2020) the building in the center with reception and grocery pickup point will be added as well. By using natural and locally sourced materials, this roofed entrance is not only a spectacular sight, it also blends into the community by its aesthetics as well as with its sustainable construction method. 

Roof height6,90 m above terrain.22,5 ft above terrain.
Roof (gutter edge)4,50 m above terrace.15 ft above terrace.
Roof (top ridge)6,90 m above terrace.22,5 ft above terrain.
Roof width24,90 m81,5 ft
Roof length5,70 m19 ft
Roof area141,81 m21526 ft
Reception area and Grocery store:
Building height5m16,5 ft
Ground floor dimensions
– Building width3,30 m11 ft
– Building length6,70 m22 ft
– Building area22,11 m2238 sqft
Second floor dimensions
– Building width3,30 m11 ft
– Building length3,70 m12 ft
– Building area12,21 m2131 sqft

Equestrian Club (2020)

The Equestrian Club will have common horses available to ride for a small fee. The perfect way to explore the stunning surroundings and nearby beaches and rivers. It is also possible to have your own horse being taken care of (for a monthly fee) and a service to get your horse ready out of the field upon your request. At the waiting area with beach bar you can enjoy the ocean breeze while your horse is being saddled for you. What a great way to start the day!

Sports Court (2021)

The multipurpose sports court is a great place for many different activities. The court is suitable for a wide range of sports, such as: Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal & Soccer ,In-line Hockey, 4 Square, Badminton etc. Surrounded by tropical plants and trees, this sports court is a perfect place in the park to have fun!

Boat club (2021)

The Boat Club gives you the opportunity to store your boat (up to 26ft) and have it in and out of the water upon your request. As a resident of Coco Beach, having your boat to your disposal at any time does not have to cost a fortune. The price of the boat storage is $5 per linear foot per year and just $50 to have it taken in and out of the Pacific Ocean. The boat club has a waiting area with beach bar which lets you enjoy the view as your boat is being made ready to spot whales and dolphins and discover nearby islands and hidden beaches!


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